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(updated 31st December 2007)






In the year 2007 and 2008 Meditation Centre Bodhipala will not organize any meditation courses - our main teacher Bhante Ashin Ottama is taking "sabbatical" years and probably will not travel to Czech Republic. However, the traditional seamless row of the Summer meditation courses will be organized by Buddha Mangala. As soon as the planned events will take clear shape on the level of organisation, the detailed program will be posted on the Mangala web site:


Bhante Ashin Ottama is now predominantly staying at the Swiss Dhammapala monastery, where he gives occasional talks or leads some meditation retreats; his main objective at this time is, however, the reflective study and further advanced practice of Buddha-Dhamma. We hope that he will (at least) continue to publish the Bodhipala's "Okružník" (News and Dhamma articles in Czech language), and that he will keep his commitment to contribute to the establishment and further development of Buddha-Dhamma in Czech Republic.
The main objective of Bodhipala organisation is not only to offer lectures and choice of meditation courses in Czech land, but to lay grounds for realisation of more advanced and mature formates/spans of Buddha's legacy. From the beginning Bodhipala was meant to be a supportive structure for the whole Dhamma-Vinaya (=Buddha's Teachings and the corresponding life style). This level of Dhamma requires not only the projection and application of Dhamma principles into all facets of one's individual life, but includes also care for the future of the Buddha's Heritage and, as a matter of course, also in some areas care for the society. It is a wide scope, which without true "professionals" (=Sangha of monks and nuns) has no chance to reach the necessary extent and depth. Whether such a condition would arise in the Czech country, where also monks and nuns will be able to lead a fully committed way of Dhamma life there, depends on all of us.


Midnight NewYear's Eve meditation in front of the Swiss Dhammapala Monastery





      Old programme of 2006


Mentioned (in chronologic order) are only those events, where English or German language will be used.
For all courses it is necessary to register in advance. If not mentioned otherwise, the application should
be send by e-mail to , tel. +420 257 210 585 .
For download of texts and audio in English and German click here.




12th - 14th May 06


"Die neue Optik"

Weekend of vipassana  insight meditation, well set into the atmosphere of metta – of loving kindness and friendliness in Swiss Buddhist monastery Dhammapala. Bhante Ashin Ottama will teach this retreat in German language. Info and applications tel. +41-33-675 21 00, e-mail: 

Ashin Ottama

26th – 28th May 06


"Joined Hands"
Weekend of intensive metta-vipassana  meditation in Budapest, Hungary, in Centre "Buddhist Order Arya Maitreya Mandala". Ashin Ottama will teach this retreat in English. Info:,  or

23th June 06 - 19:00, Buddhist Centre "Lotus", Prague, Dlouhá 2, 4th floor



Introductory evening with Zen Master Fumon Nakagawa Roshi

Roshi is officially representing the Japanese Soto-school abroad. He lives more that 20 years in Germany. In 1996 he took over the leadership of the Zen Centre Eisenbuch. Nakagawa Roshi accepted the Bhante Ashin Ottama's invitation and will lead a seminary in the Czech Republic. It is a precious opportunity to meet with an authentic Zen Master and his Teachings. Language of the evening: German with Czech translation


Foto (c) Thule G. Jug




24th-25th June 06 each day from 9:00 till 17:00 with midday break


Weekend Seminary with Zen Master Fumon Nakagawa Roshi

This seminary will contain lectures, instructions, practice of meditation; there will be also space for discussions. The seminary will take place in Prague - the exact location will be announced later. Language of the seminary: German with Czech translation.

Applications: Nada Frelichova, tel./answ. (19:00-21:00) +420 257 761 566, e-mail:, contribution: minimum 25 Euro + free donation for the Teacher. Possibility to stay overnight in the Lotus Centre.

In the evening hours on Saturday and Sunday it will be possible to arrange a personal interview with Roshi.





Oltář Bodhipály


July 1st – August 5th 2006

  in the Meditation Centre Bodhipala

  (Northern Bohemia)



The main courses of the season



·         If not mentioned otherwise, all retreats start at Saturdays 16:00

·         Infos and applications: Jitka Haskova, tel. (8:00-21:00) +420 257 210 585, e-mail:

·         Cost: Bodhipala tries to run on "dana" basis (freewill gifts), however, to secure our existence we suggest the   minimum contribution: for a week 90 Euros, two weeks 170 Euros etc.


1st-8th July 2006


"Pure Action from a Pure Mind"
The purification exercise of Vajrasattva

Acarya LilavajraOne week with Hungarian-German Vajrayana teacher Acarya Lilavajra and with Bhante Ashin Ottama. Similarly as in the Summer 2005, this retreat will combine the Tantric lectures and exercises with Mettá-vipassaná meditation presented by Bhante Ashin Ottama. Retreat will be in English language with Hungarian and Czech translation.

Acarya Lilavajra is a teacher in the direction “Arya Maitreya Mandala” – spiritual direction which developed around Lama Anagarika Govinda (friend and compatriot of Ven. Nyanaponika Thera). This spiritual direction builds predominantly on principles of Tibetan Vajrayana, however Thearavada is represented as well.
As to the content of the retreat Acarya Lilavajra writes: "As a result of our Dharma studies and meditation practices, our worldly views and attitudes slowly start to change, and soon, some insights and a commitment towards the path of spiritual realization arise within us. At this point, however, we often notice that our habits untearably draw us back into the everyday mentality, we lose our perseverance, and our practice stagnates. Sometimes external circumstances hinder us, or even illnesses may arise. To attain a break-through in our spiritual practice, we must purify ourselves from the karmic tendencies generating these obstacles and from the delusions occupying our mind. The meditation on Buddha Vajrasattva is a very effective exercise of the Diamond Way, which, through the inner purification, opens up the doors of a deeper spiritual transformation.
The retreat conforms to the needs of practitioners who have already entered a Buddhist spiritual path or have the serious intention to enter it. It is a precondition for the participation to have taken refuge in the Three Jewels for the whole life, or the readiness to take it at the first evening of the retreat."

Approximate daily schedule of the retreat (somehow different from the schedule of insight meditation courses)

 4:45    Waking up
 5:00    Silent sitting
 5:30    Purification of Body, Speech and Mind
 6:30    Short practice of Guruyoga
 6:45    Taking refuge and 108 prostrations
 7:30    Breakfast
 8:15    Karma yoga*
 9:00    Generating Bodhicitta*
 9:30    Dharma talk at morning & 
                Instructions for the purification exercise
11:30   Vajrasattva meditation

12:30    Lunch
13:30    Siesta, silent individual rest interval
15:00    Sitting meditation*
15:40    Walking meditation*
16:30    Vajrasattva meditation - instructions and practice
18:15    Small imbiss, tee, just being
19:00    Walking meditation*
19:40    Sutra recitation
20:10    Four reflections for changing wordly views
21:00    Metta bhavana*
22:00    Falling asleep with mind on meditation object*

Acarya Lilavajra
born 1953 in Hungary – from early age interested in Indian spiritual traditions – 1977 Dipl.
Psychologist – 1979 Ph.D. – 10 years as clinical psychologist and therapist – 1984 meeting his teacher of tantric yoga – 1987 professor at Alexander Csoma Institute – 1993 co-founder of  Mahakala Centre in Germany, 1997 -- president of the Hungarian Buddhist Mission

A. Lilavajra wrote:
"Die Welt des Buddhismus fasziniert den Westen immer mehr durch seine tiefe Philosophie und Geistigkeit, die Ruhe und Gelassenheit, Liebe und Mitgefühl ausstrahlt. Im Retreat sollen wir die Bedeutsamkeit dieser Lehren für eine Sinnfindung und Bewältigung unseres Alltags zu entdecken. Sehr hilfreich kann uns dabei eine Übungsreihe der indo-tibetischen buddhistischen Tradition sein, die den Meditierenden Schritt für Schritt auf die Integration des Dharma ins tägliche Leben vorbereitet und als „Vorbereitende Übungen“, „Würzelyoga“ oder „Ngöndro“ bekannt ist. Diese Übungen, die eigentlich den gesamten Dharma vermitteln, werden im Retreat in einer auf westliche Menschen zugeschnittenen Weise vermittelt. Dann ist es auch heute möglich, ihre verwandelnde Kraft zu erfahren. Auch hat es sich gezeigt, daß dieser Yoga in seiner Vielfalt und Tiefe Einsichten vermittelt und Fähigkeiten entwickelt, die später sowohl für die tantrische Meditation als auch für die Praxis von Mahamudra und Dzogchen unentbehrlich sind."



8th– 22nd July 06


"Let the flood dries up which separates this shore from the other shore"

Course of Mettá-Vipassaná intensive meditation


14 days intensive retreat of insight meditation lead by Bhante Ashin Ottama. During the course emphasis will be given on general relaxation, atmosphere of kindness, mental openness and on gradual development of mindfulness. Importance will be given on awareness of feelings (bodily as well as mental) awareness of mental states, and on awareness of mind in general with all its functions, tendencies, and characteristics. Especially in the second week emphasis will be given on the panorama-opening of awareness on all mental and bodily phenomena as they happen.


For the first week of the retreat Ashin Ottama originally invited one of the chief monks of Burma, Sitagu Sayadaw U Nyanissara, who in the last years expressed his wish to visit Czech republic. However, as the Burmese monastery did not answer our correspondence the chance to welcome Sayadaw on the retreat is getting small. Against the original intention this retreat is becoming now a regular 14 days retreat with the possibility to participate only in the first week.


The title of the retreat is inspired by a very good public lecture the Sayadaw gave some years ago in Munich. By the "flood" he meant all the undesirable mental states and contents in the mind; by the "other shore" already in the time of Buddha was meant Nibbana.



 22nd July – 5th August 06
"The Light of Wisdom"


Bhikkhu U VansaTwo weeks insight meditation with the teaching assistant of Sayadaw U Janaka, Canadian monk Bhante U Vansarakkhita. The insight meditation will be taught within a framework of Metta – universal openness, friendliness and care. It will be possible to take part in the whole retreat or in the first week only.

Bhante U Vansa has had an interesting and dynamic life's path. He was a financial counselloras well as a film actor. He travelled to Burma, and there under the guidance of Sayadaw U Janaka, practiced intensively (and successfully) vipassana meditation. He then became a Buddhist monk who now travels throughout the whole world guiding the "slow" retreats of metta-vipassana meditation- sometimes as an assistant to Sayadaw U Janaka, sometimes as a solo meditation teacher. He has an excellent sense directness and humour.






16th– 22nd October 06


"Die Leichtigkeit des Seins"

Meditation course Metta-Vipassana  at Meditation Centre "Waldhaus am Laachersee" (near Koblenz), Germany. Bhante Ashin Ottama will lead this retreat in German language. Contact e-mail:,  tel. (Mo-Fr 9:00-12:00) +49 (0)2636-3344, postal address: Buddhismus im Westen e.V., Heimschule 1, Postfach 64, D-56645 Nickenich, Deutschland, .  Contribution about 170,- Euro


26th December 06 – 1st January 07 


Půlnoc Novoročního kurzuNewYear Retreat
meditation of Peace, Friendliness and Insight in the Hotel "Na Kalvarii" in Jaromerice, near Jevicko in the Czech Moravia.

New Year Retreat has its specific atmosphere, where even the fine celebration of the coming New Year has its place. However, in the whole, it is a normal intensive retreat of metta-vipassana meditation with emphasis on mindfulness of the mind (cittanupassaná). The retreat will lead Bhante Ashin Ottama. Some of the basic instructions will be given only in Czech language; therefore it is not suitable for beginners.



Applications: Jitka Hašková, tel.: 00420 257 210 585, e-mail: ; contribution minimum 130,- Euros

(Except the Acarya Lilavajra Vajrayana course, the different titles of the retreats have rather a symbolic meaning.)



The general framework of our meditation courses:

The meditation courses mentioned in our program have some common essential points. These are relatively intensive retreats of systematic meditation as recommended by the Buddha himself.

The meditation of concentration and mental purity called samatha  cultivates peace, unity and harmony of the mind. The metta  meditation belongs to this category; it develops the attitude of universal loving kindness towards all beings in our heart.

The insight meditation called vipassana  or satipatthana-vipassana  is the path of truth, path of seeing and understanding, it develops insight into our life, into the mind, into what we usually call “me”. Vipassana  opens a new horizon of life which is not blinded and deformed by egoistic self- centeredness; in the ideal case insight meditation leads to eradication of greed, hatred and delusion.

Our courses, if not mentioned otherwise, take place in the open atmosphere of  “noble silence” – the communication is limited to interviews with the teacher.

The schedule of meditation covers the whole day, starting in the morning 6:00 or 5:00 a.m. till the last meditation, usually from 21:30 to 22:00. At 7:00 a.m. is breakfast and some free time after the breakfast; lunch at noon and enough rest after the lunch and also an afternoon tea and individual promenade – but otherwise everyone is expected – within his abilities - to keep up with the daily program where sitting meditation is followed by walking meditation.

There is no evening meal – just drinks with some fruit.

Instructions for meditation are usually given in the morning; during the day some individual or group interviews may take place to “tune” the instruction for the meditators individually. At 7:30 p.m. there is a Dhamma talk. The day usually closes with 30 minutes of metta meditation. All the distracting activities such as reading, writing letters and postcards, mobile telephone, smoking cigarettes, listening to radio, going to the restaurant are not possible during the courses. On the other hand, mindful walks in the nature, stretching, Hatha Yoga, Kum Nye or Tai Ji are possible.

However, a relatively high degree of discipline on the retreats should in no way lead to some kind of inner stiffness – exactly the opposite is the aim: in the self-discipline to find a higher level of one’s freedom.

For all meditation courses an advanced registration is necessary.


Disclaimer: Meditation is a continuous process, and in general has highly wholesome, positive effects on the practitioners. The courses organized by Dhamma Centre Bodhipala are guided by qualified teachers with many years of individual practice and with good knowledge of the Buddha’s teachings. The instructions on the courses are meant and given as good advises. Still, the Meditation Centre Bodhipala is not taking responsibility for any eventual physical or mental damages caused to you by practice of meditation, or for damages or los of your properties during the retreats. By practicing meditation you do so at your own risk and you acknowledge you have read and agree to the terms of this disclaimer.