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  Dear Friends
The Dhamma Centre Bodhipala is a Czech organization; therefore most of the texts on the Bodhipala website are in the Czech language. For visitors from abroad we have translated here the essential information and our program of meditation courses into English (people from Germany, Poland, Israel, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland participate on our retreats).
Only a fragment of our web is translated, but there are many good pictures on the Bodhipala web as well - so, perhaps, scroll over the pages anyway. (On the pages "events", "activities" and "archive" there are over 200 photos.) In the "download" there are several texts in English, German and French as well as some audios and videos in German from Ashin Ottama's lectures in Germany at the Academy Bad Boll and the buddhist Congress in Frankfurt.

Profile and direction of our society
In the Pali language - the language of the original Buddhist scriptures – the word compound "Bodhipala" could be interpreted as "the guardian (or the protector) of enlightenment".

In the Buddha’s teachings Enlightenment means the realisation of Nirvana (‘Nibbana’ in the Pali), realisation of highest blessing, the most profound deliverance and liberation and the ultimate goal of beings. Accordingly, all the activities of the Dhamma Centre Bodhipala have/follow/point to/pursue - directly or indirectly - this direction.

Nibbana can be understood in its ultimate dimension, in its unconditioned, timeless quality, when everything one-sided, dualistic and unsatisfactory is healed. But it can be also understood as something very near to our human dimension: as an enlightened life of a truly realized person, as an en-lightenment of our everyday life, when, instead of greed, fear, depression and hate, we allow light, wise understanding and lightness to abide in our mind.

Bodhipala’s aim is to bring the ancient Buddha’s wisdom to present-day people, to make it available in all its breathtaking depth, so that everyone interested could give a clearer orientation, direction and deeper meaning to his life.
The core of Buddha’s teaching is the realization of truth. The awakening to the truth corrects the limited, erroneous perception of oneself and the world around, and liberates us from the source of unsatisfactoriness of life. This path of transformation corrects also our relation to ourselves, to society and to the whole world. It is a relation liberated from attachment, self-obsession, bondage, hate, delusion; a relationships filled with harmony, sensitivity, freedom and wisdom.

The aim of the Dhamma Centre Bodhipala is to create circumstances and space for the study and practice of Buddha’s teachings. In this spirit Bodhipala organizes meetings, seminars, meditation courses, invites teaching monks for lectures and visits.